VS Code Source Control Pane is Blank

I believe per the issues in GitHub that this issue is fixed for most people as of VSCode version 1.39.2, but I was still seeing it for projects based on a Git repo.

After some trial and error I found this setting was the culprit: "scm.alwaysShowProviders": true

When I remove that setting, or set it to false, my Source Control pane works correctly.

Issue opened on GitHub: https://github.com/microsoft/vscode/issues/82374 For now I've rolled back to the August update and that's resolved it.

This happens to me occasionally. I just figured out I can fix this by right clicking in the blank area and then selecting the repository I want to show up

Just toggle "scm.alwaysShowProviders" on and off from whatever value your have (default is false), this would cause the source control pane to redraw and fix the issue for now.