vsFTPd default uploaded file permissions on Ubuntu not working

Solution 1:

I ended up using


on the vsftpd.conf. The problem was that both FTP user and www-data user needed permissions to write, so i had to join www-data and ftpuser to www-data usergroup, and CHMOD -R 775 all the files on /var/www - that way, with 775 CHMOD, the group would have permission to read, write and execute. Now its working perfectly.

Solution 2:

Got my answer:

As the www-data is the user responsible for the webserver and your normal user is responsible for the ftp server, you need first to make them both members of the same group: the group www-data.

Creating custom User:

useradd –d /var/www/asasd.com -g www-data -m yourusername this way the home directory will be the /var/www/asasd.com and your user will be in the www-data group.

after this, change the user pass by typing passwd.

Then, you need to create a public_html folder inside your yourusername home folder, as the FTP wont be able to write in the root of your home folder, you have to create a subfolder.

Remove write permissions of your yourusername folder chmod a-w /var/www/asasd.com

Then, apply new permissions for the subfolder: chmod -R 775 /var/www/asasd.com/public_html (note you must use 775 chmod because you need group write permissions, not user write permissions, as you want the whole group (ftp and www-data) being able to write) Then, own the folder for the www-data chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/asasd.com/public_html

That way you must be able to use FTP and have a Webserver working.

Good luck!

Funny this info is so hard to find. Are people not sharing knowledge anymore?