What is the best way to farm Gemstones (Amber, Topaz, Ruby, Sapphire and Diamond)?

From what I've observed, Silver Bokoblins are guaranteed to drop 2 gems, a combination of rubies, sapphires and diamonds. But your best bet is to find rare ore nodes, map them, then make the rounds when you want a lot of gems. Silver Lizalfos and Silver Moblins also drop a couple of gems too.

  1. I've been scanning amiibos like crazy. Not so great for the non-Zelda amiibos, but definitely helpful with the Zelda amiibos.
  2. Mark spots on the map where there are gemstone clusters and then I hit them up as soon as a blood moon passes.
  3. Don't forget ALL kinds of containers. I may have herped a derp on this one but I only realized a week or 2 ago that the steel containers drop gems, rupees, and ancient tech.
  4. Fighting Taluses. They're hard, but they drop a ton of gems.