Apple - What is the difference between AirPrint, Bonjour and Rendezvous?

First Rendezvous = Bonjour = unicast DNS

I forget why the name changed from Rendezvous, something about what Apple (used to) call it and what everyone else called it. It’s a server less DNS solution so devices can query locally, self-assemble, and discover services without needing a pre-configured DNS server / database.


AirPrint is a standard Wireless Printing protocol so that diverse printers all look like a standard printer, eliminating the need for specific drivers for specific printers. In the same way that LPR (Line Printer Protocol)is a printing protocol as well as IPP (Internet Printing Protocol). Here’s some Apple support / marketing information:

  • (AirPrint specifics)
  • (Bonjour DNS)

Per wikipedia: "AirPrint is based on mDNS (Bonjour, more specifically) and Internet Printing Protocol (IPP)."(