Android - What's in Chrome's data?

Well, "insufficient memory" sounds like you're having problem with your memory(RAM), not your storage space.

DiskUsage is a very good tool, but it only checks disk space and not your memory(RAM) usage.

I just checked out the specs on your phone, and you have 512mb memory(RAM). That's 1/6 of what i have got on my phone, Samsung Galaxy note 3 with 3000mb memory(RAM).

I know it can be confusing with the terms when reviewers and everyone use memory, sdcard, storage and ram very loosely. I use the same terms people use on computers.

My chrome application is currently using 91mb of storagespace as "data". I believe that chrome is just storing pictures and tempfiles for the open webpages in data, along with your settings, passwords and so on. You can at any time go into the settings on your android menu, choose "applications", find "chrome" and delete data. Your Chome application will then act like you just installed it. You can try to see if this helps. and it might help for some time.

I think the main problem is that you don't have enough memory(RAM) on your device, and running a almost new os(4.1.2).

If you compare your phone with my previous phone, Samsung galaxy S2 as it was released in 2011 and has twice as much memory(1000mb RAM) as your phone. This phone came with Android 2.3. which does not require as much as newer versions.

I looked up on your os, Android 4.1.x, and the minimum requirements are as following:

7.6.1. Minimum Memory and Storage

"Device implementations MUST have at least 340MB of memory available to the kernel and userspace. The 340MB MUST be in addition to any memory dedicated to hardware components such as radio, video, and so on that is not under the kernel's control."


This won't give you much left to other applications.

Well, i think that Chrome also have a share of the blame, as this is no lightweight browser. To solve the problem then I'd first try to set for another browser that is lighter. I would, for example, try "opera browser", which is designed to use as little data traffic as possible and to run on slow phones. The browser also has a feature that allows when you're phone is asking for a webpage, it will fetch the entire page onto Opera's servers and compress images before the webpage is sent to your phone. This means that the images are not displayed in full quality, but since the screen of a cell phone much smaller than on a pc, its just as well. Since the images is compressed, and use less data traffic, it will also use less space on the cellphone's storage-temp-space. Hopefully, this will solve your "insufficient memory" problem.

I hope this helps :)

It contains:-

  • Resource files for Chrome itself. These are really part of the app, but they're downloaded by Chrome itself so the APK doesn't need to contain all the resources for all locales, and to make them easier to update.
  • Local storage for websites that use the HTML5 local storage feature. For some sites (e.g. Twitter) this can get quite large.
  • All your preferences, just like any other app. This amounts to a few KB.