What's my IP Address?

Bash + curl + iproute2, 54 50 49 48 33 bytes

ip r g 1|awk '$0=$7'
curl eth0.me

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Bash 37 31 27 bytes

This is inspired by the answer by Bruce Forte. That answer only works with IPv4 which means it doesn't work for me. I have rewritten it into a version that (only) works with IPv6:

ip r g b::|awk '$0=$9" "$9'

This is tested on Ubuntu 14.04.5 connected through PPPoE and since IPv6 is designed to be used without any NAT it will output the same IP address twice.

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AutoIt, 56 53 bytes


@IPAddress1 is a macro that returns

IP address of first network adapter

_GetIP() returns

the public IP address.

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