Apple - What shortcut does ⌦ symbol in Camunda macOS app indicate and how to invoke it?

In macOS, this symbol represents forward delete shortcut (to delete characters to right). It can be generated using the fn + delete key combination.

The aforementioned shortcuts are helpful on majority of Apple keyboards which lacks a dedicated forward delete key, such as MacBook and Apple Magic keyboard.

To reiterate:

  • : Delete Left (like Backspace on Widows/PC)

  • : Delete Right (fn + delete on compact keyboards. Also called Forward Delete)

This keystroke is used in the Camunda macOS app to remove selected object from canvas.

Notice the fn and delete keys in the accessibility keyboard.

It's hard to say without more context on how/where this appears within the application, but Apple uses this symbol for the (forward) Delete key, e.g. on the Magic Keyboard with Keypad:

enter image description here