Why can't I reach my Amazon EC2 instance via its Elastic IP address?

Solution 1:

Things to check:

  • Your elastic IP associated with your instance?
  • Your security group of instance permits incoming connections?
  • Your instance firewall permits incoming connections?
  • Your application listens?

Solution 2:

As others mentioned, the security group for your EC2 instance may not allow the HTTP port.

First,find the Security Group your instance is using.

enter image description here

Then, under Network & Security, go to the Security Groups section. Select your instance's security group and add an Inbound Custom TCP rule for Port range 80.

Security Groups in EC2

Solution 3:

Also make sure Route table of VPC is set to enable IP address outside the VPC ( to flow from the subnet to the Internet gateway.

Navigate to VPC > Route Tables ; Route tab. Check Destination is 'mapped' to Target Internet Gateway Id (apart from local).

Solution 4:

Just adding this reply as it might help other EC2 Newbies. If the Public DNS for your EC2 instance is: Public DNS: ec2-46-137-53-149.eu-west-1.compute.amazonaws.com you can access the instance using the numeric portion of the DNS Address. In the above case

Obviously you will need to have the relevant TCP Port open in the security group/profile associated with your instance as mentioned above.

The private IP (e.g. is not accessible from outside the AWS network and is only useful when you have a cluster of EC2 nodes and want faster communication between them.

Solution 5:

Couple questions: what port are you trying to access? Do you have that port open on the security groups? Do you have an application listening on that port?

If I had to guess your security groups are not setup right. Make sure to open them to the correct ip addresses or to the world ( if you are going access that port from multiple IPs.

If all that is not it, then dissociate and reallocate the IP to the instance.