Android - Why does my notification bar get stuck on Galaxy S?


First some details. This happens on the Galaxy S when you try to open the notification bar during high load. A reboot will reset it. But if you don't want to reboot:

Do this QUICKLY: Tap the notification bar, just before releasing it tap on the bottom half of the screen, release the finger from notification bar, release the finger from the bottom half of the screen.

This will trigger the notification bar to FULLY OPEN ITSELF!

Update your phone to Gingerbread and this problem will go away. I upgraded my Galaxy S to 2.3.3 and haven't ever since seen this problem, which still happened with 2.2.1 Froyo.

I don't know if this is your problem or not, but I occasionally get this on my Droid X. For me, it seems that it's stuck if I try to slide down from the notification bar and nothing happens. However, if I start sliding down from the "pull-down bar", then it will move with my finger (i.e. starting on top of the "pull-down bar" rather than on the notification bar).

Another possibility is that your touchscreen could have some "dead areas" that cause this. Can you reproduce this in landscape mode as well or is it only in portrait mode? Perhaps an app to test all touchscreen areas might help identify whether or not this could be the culprit.