Wordpress - Why is per_page not working with categories in WP API?

Pretty much all the URLs you are using are invalid in some way:


categories_name is not a valid argument for listing posts, and even if it was you are missing the ? part of the query string.


This one is also missing the ?. Query parameters on a URL, which the API uses for its arguments, need to start with ?, with & for additional parameters. A correctly formatted query string looks like this:


So this one:


Is also missing the ? but you've used & correctly this time (though are still using the invalid categories_name argument).

This one:


Is using a $ for some reason. That's not a valid way to separate parameters in a query string (and still using the invalid categories_name argument).

This one is correct:


But based on your comment:

I thought I might be able to use -1 similar to the development of a theme but I get an error.

It sounds like you actually tried:


Which won't work, because -1 is an invalid value. You can only retrieve between 1 and 100 results with the API.