Android Studio Emulator "/dev/kvm is not found"

Re-installing HAXM resolved my problem Steps:

  1. Make sure SDK Manager -> Extras -> Intel x86 Emulator Accelerator (HAXM installer) is installed
  2. Navigate to <sdk>/extras/intel/Hardware_Accelerated_Execution_Manager/
  3. Run ./HAXM\ installation -u
  4. Run ./HAXM\ installation

For MacOS users running Android Studio, when you get this error then try these steps to open up your privacy settings.

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You can also follow the answer from Divakar on this post here - /dev/kvm not found on mac

Thank you Apple for pushing me with your dumb*** app review rules from iOS to android development

You just need to "start" the HAXM. You can do this following this steps:

  1. Open the cmd.
  2. Type sc query intelhaxm, click enter and check the STATE.
  3. If state is 1 STOPED, type sc start intelhaxm and click enter to start the HAXM.
  4. Check the STATE again and it should be 4 RUNNING now.
  5. Finally, you are now able to create and use your AVD using a x86 emulator.

Alternatively, when you want to stop the HAXM you should type sc stop intelhaxm.

Hope this helps y'all.