Apple - Apple Music: How to view the list of all loved items?

I’m guessing these answers didn’t solve your problem. They didn’t solve mine. Insead I went and got my data from Apple:

  1. Head to Apple’s Data and Privacy portal.
  2. Log in with the Apple ID for which you’d like to download data.
  3. Under Get a copy of your data, click Request a copy of your data.
  4. Select Apple media services information, then press Continue.
  5. Now click Complete the request.
  6. Wait a frickin’ week!
  7. Download the file they email you a link to.
  8. Inside the zip you will find another zip called
  9. Inside that zip you will find Apple Music Likes and Dislikes.csv.

Super irritating that you have to go through such process to find this.

If you are listening in iTunes you can make a smart playlist which automatically adds all loved songs to it.

enter image description here

Note that this playlist will only contain songs that you "loved" on each respective device. I.e. if you love a song on your iPhone it will not appear in your "loved songs" smart playlist on your mac, or vice versa. This appears to be a syncing bug which may or may not be fixed one day.


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