Apply empty style to the entire bibliography

I would just separate the heading from the bibliography and put your page style commands in between:

\usepackage[style=ieee, citestyle=numeric-comp, backrefstyle=none]{biblatex}

This might be regarded as a fault with the standard bibliography environment in biblatex. In an article class what you are asking is no really appropriate as the bibliography is not designed to start on a separate page. But your problem persists in book and memoir, and the solution below works in all cases.
Namely, I patch (updated: better than previous redefining) the default biblatex default version of the bibliography environment to add a \clearpage efter the end of the bibliography's internal list environment.

sample output


    backrefstyle = none




\title{Minimal working example}





If you are in an article class, you will want to add \clearpage before \printbibliography