Android - Cannot download anything from Google Play store via mobile data

Open downloads app or download manager. Change the setting of the max size of file you can download using mobile data.

Ok I let an update attempt to download then came back to my phone about 10-15 min later, to see an error code 495, saying the update cannot download. So I Googled that error code and found this page: I went down the list and followed each suggestion step by step.

The one that worked was disconnecting and reconnecting my Google acct from my phone. I had to reboot my device because it seems like whenever I clear the cache/data from Google Play Store and Google Framework Service and then open up Google Play store again, it says "unable to connect" no matter how many times I click "retry."

So I don't know exactly what was wrong- it seems like it's just a bug buried deep somewhere. But it works now. Network icons are still white.