conditional class for html using pure handlebars

I registered a helper to do this, to keep things cleaner, and in case there were more classes to add.

 * Prints an objects key if the value is true.
 * example: {printed:true, pleaseprint:'hello', notprinted:false, noprint:undefined}
handlebars.registerHelper("printif", function(object){
    // stringToPrint:boolean
    var out = [];
    for (var string in object) {
        var value = object[string];
        if (false===value || null===value || undefined===value) {
    return out.join(' ');

And the template:

<div class="module {{printif moduleVars}}">

The variable:

var moduleVars = {"align-right":isRTL}

So if isRTL is true, it will output the string:

<div class="module align-right">

It is not necessary to wrap around entire HTML elements. You can just wrap the class with the if clause.

<p dir="auto" {{#if isRTL}}class="align-right"{{/if}}>{{{content}}}</p>

This will render the class="align-right" attribute only if isRTL is truthy.

Also, as Handlebars is an extension of Mustache you could use:

<p dir="auto" {{#isRTL}}class="align-right"{{/isRTL}}>{{{content}}}</p>

With a helper i achieved clean. But in my case condition was two variables truthiness.

Handlebars.registerHelper('ternary', function(cond, v1, v2) {
   return cond ? v1 : v2;

<p dir="auto" class="some-other-class {{ternary isRTL 'align-right' 'align-left'}}">{{{content}}}</p>