DELPHI Where can I add common library path in 10.3 Community version

search path is in Project->Options->Delphi Compiler->Search Path

attention: this options are available only after project creation

The mORMot documentation states:

Download and uncompress the framework archives, including all sub-folders, into a local directory of your computer (for instance, D:\Dev\Lib).

Then add the following paths to your Delphi IDE (in Tools/Environment/Library menu):

Library path: (...existing path...);D:\Dev\Lib;D:\Dev\Lib\SQLite3;D:\Dev\Lib\SynDBDataset

Search path: (...existing path...);D:\Dev\Lib;D:\Dev\Lib\SQLite3;D:\Dev\Lib\SynDBDataset

I have corrected the documentation to add the Tools->Options->Language->Delphi Options->Library path suggested by Dave.

versao delphi 10.3 Tools > Options > Language > Delphi Options > Library