Android - Does using Android Instant Apps count as installation on Play store?

Quoting from XDA (emphasis supplied)

  • Android Instant Apps is an evolution to the way Android has done applications traditionally. Rather than downloading a full-blown application, Instant Apps allows users to “stream” apps to try it out (in reality, it’s a partial code download), without going through the hassle of downloading and installing it

So, if it is a partial download for users to try it out, it logically won't count as installation

If Play store will not count then what is the meaning to use it from developer side. What will be benefit to the developer?

  • This allows app developers to reach out to an even wider audience, as they can now project a native Android app experience to the end user with something as simple as a URL: click and you’re in the app

  • What makes Instant Apps good for the developer outside of the increase in app range is that they don’t need to build a whole different app. Devs do need to update their existing Android apps in order to get the advantage of the Instant Apps functionality....

  • Android Instant Apps extends all the way back to Android Jellybean, so you aren’t restricted to only a handful of users on the latest Android version.

From a developer perspective, I suppose that Firebase Analytics also announced yesterday, will be integrated with this. Other features of Firebase Analytics:

  • Instead of focusing on page views, impressions or sessions, developers can see what users are doing inside the app, how paid advertising campaigns are performing with cross-network attribution and where users are coming from

  • Defining audiences

  • Better crash reporting

  • Notifications and Dynamic Links to to help developers grow and re-engage app user bases

  • Storage- Google’s cloud-to-device push messaging service Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) is being integrated into Firebase’ s backend and has been renamed as Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM)

  • Monetization- AdMob has been integrated into Firebase

Play store will count Installation or not

Definitely won't be count an installation.

If Play store will not count then what is the meaning to use it from developer side. What will be benefit to the developer?

The key behind Android Instant Apps is that devs won’t have to go back and create a separate version of their app to make this work. All that’s required is a simple update to their current application — about a day’s worth of work in all, says Ficus Kirkpatrick, Engineering Director for Instant Apps

Google to make sure majority of Android users get access to the Instant Apps feature has made it compatible with Android Jelly Bean OS and later versions. This way the Android Instant Apps will reach over a billion users.