Error: Unable to resolve module `@react-native-community/toolbar-android`

Had this EXACT same error. All I had to do was install toolbar-android & voilà!

npm install --save @react-native-community/toolbar-android

Update the library


to the latest version.

After reading this issue and trying many solutions I reach to two solutions:

  • You can delete all node_modules folder and put the version of react-native-vector-icons to "6.6.0" instead of "^6.6.0" and then install all packages again. absolutely, it is better to delete all caches and builds and start everything again. (NOT Recommended)

  • You can install the @react-native-community/toolbar-android by using the below command:

    yarn add @react-native-community/toolbar-android


    npm install --save @react-native-community/toolbar-android

Note: Both of these solutions are temporary and soonly this bug will be fixed and there is no need to install the toolbar-android package.

Prev Update

I update the package to the version "^7.0.0" on my project and still, the issue is remaining, so this solution is currently perseverance.

New Update

this issue is fixed on version "^7.1.0" and there is no need to install the @react-native-community/toolbar-android.

I had this problem too. In my case, only works when I removed and added the package again with the latest version (7.0.0).

yarn remove react-native-vector-icons
yarn add react-native-vector-icons