File sync service supporting symbolic links

I was looking for an answer to this and just tested out a number of syncing services on my Mac by trying to copy an OSX framework. The only one that successfully copied the internal symbolic links between folders was...

  • (Edit: Service will shut down on May 1, 2016. So that leaves us with... none.)

It seemed to work fine, symbolic links were copied as expected. I don't really know anything else about the service - I just found out about it today.

The following completely ignored the symbolic links: Google Drive, Box, OneDrive, Mega, iCloud Drive

The following copied the contents of the symbolic link like it was a folder (thus resulting in duplicate files): Dropbox

BitTorrent sync will do what the OP requests. It will copy and sync symlinks as links, without following them. It differs somewhat from services like Dropbox in that there is no cloud involved - just peer to peer communication. There is a free service and a paid service. I dropped Dropbox for this very reason, and have used BitTorrent Sync for over a year without major problem.

It seems syncthing will also handle symlinks correctly (symlinks are not followed but copied as symlinks); see relevant discussions:

But I'd love to see a cloud hosted solution (unlike bt sync and syncthing) that handles symlinks correctly.