How can I add abstract to table of contents

Within report, the abstract environment is set using within a titlepage, which defaults to putting the content on its own page. So you have to insert the ToC-writing piece using some patching (supported via etoolbox).

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\usepackage[paper=a6paper]{geometry}% Just for this example

% \patchcmd{<cmd>}{<search>}{<replace>}{<success>}{<failure>}
\patchcmd{\abstract}{\titlepage}{\titlepage% Insert ToC-writing after starting a titlepage


\title{My Title}

\author{My Name}




\chapter{A chapter}


I've written the ToC-entry as a chapter, just so the formatting seems consistent


However, that can be changed to whatever you like.

Another way would be to write the ToC-entry within the abstract environment - this ensures that it falls on the same page as the Abstract:


As abstract is neither a chapter nor a section so for abstract you should use


as shown below:


abstract content here

Line below is used to show abstract in list of contents: