How do I output "sparseness" of a file?

find has %S format specifier which is even named "sparseness"

         %S     File's  sparseness.   This  is  calculated as (BLOCKSIZE*st_blocks / st_size).  The exact value you will get for an ordinary file of a certain
                 length is system-dependent.  However, normally sparse files will have values less than 1.0, and files which use indirect  blocks  may  have  a
                 value which is greater than 1.0.   The value used for BLOCKSIZE is system-dependent, but is usually 512 bytes.   If the file size is zero, the
                 value printed is undefined.  On systems which lack support for st_blocks, a file's sparseness is assumed to be 1.0.
$ fallocate -l 1000000 data
$ find data -printf '%S\n'
$ fallocate -p -o 250000 -l 500000  data
$ find data -printf '%S\n'