Quines that print what their index is

Deorst, 1 byte


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Commentator, 1 byte


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Snails, 1 byte


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So far, I have found three one-byte solutions, all of which print 1 with a space in the source code.

The first two languages were created by @cairdcoinheringaahing, and the last one by @feersum.

J, 52 bytes

echo-95x#.31-3 u:(,quote)'echo-95x#.31-3 u:(,quote)'

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How it works

echo-95x#.31-3 u:(,quote)'echo-95x#.31-3 u:(,quote)'
                         '...'  NB. a string literal
                 (,quote)       NB. concatenate self with single-quoted self
             3 u:  NB. convert to Unicode codepoints
          31-      NB. subtract from 31 (negation of 1-based index)
     95x#.         NB. convert from base 95 to integer (using extended integer)
    -              NB. negate
echo               NB. print with newline

Pyth, 39 37 33 bytes

-2 bytes thanks to @Mukundan

hiR95]m-Cd31jN B"hiR95]m-Cd31jN B

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hiR95]m-Cd31jN B"...
                "...   ( String literal
               B       ( Wrap in an array and duplicate
            jN         ( Join using `"` (this gives us the full source code)
      m-Cd31           ( For each character, take its codepoint minus 31
     ]                 ( Wrap in an array
 iR95                  ( Map base 95-conversion to that array
h                      ( Take the first (only) element