react-native-snap-carousel doesn't render properly

There is an experimental configuration (currently v3.8.4) - removeClippedSubviews - which is set to true by default. Setting it to false fixed the issue form me.

I strongly recommend not using delays as it is not deterministic and changes per device.

Thanks to @auticcat who wrote this in a comment.

The same problem was coming on our project and a little trick help us . We have set default loading state to true and in componentDidMount set state to false to show Carousel

Try this , it may help you

state = { loading: true };

  componentDidMount() {
    setTimeout(() => {
      this.setState({ loading: false });
    }, 10);
  render() {
    if(this.state.loading) {
      return null;

    // return component render which contain Carousel

I solved it by simply using removeClippedSubviews={false}