Swift Framework returns 'ambiguous use of' method extension in lldb

In my humble opinion, this can only be a bug.

If I set up the example you are giving in your question, I can reproduce the problem.

On the breakpoint, I get

(lldb) po spell.castSpell()
error: <EXPR>:3:1: error: ambiguous use of 'castSpell()'

just as you described.

However, if I look up the function castSpell in lldb, I get:

(lldb) image lookup -vn castSpell
1 match found in /Users/lameyl01/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/Main-dsjbnoyousgzmrdnqxtxoeyeyzpv/Build/Products/Debug/MagicFramework.framework/Versions/A/MagicFramework:
        Address: MagicFramework[0x0000000000000ab0] (MagicFramework.__TEXT.__text + 0)
        Summary: MagicFramework`(extension in MagicFramework):Swift.String.castSpell() -> Swift.String at Spells.swift:12
         Module: file = "/Users/lameyl01/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/Main-dsjbnoyousgzmrdnqxtxoeyeyzpv/Build/Products/Debug/MagicFramework.framework/Versions/A/MagicFramework", arch = "x86_64"
    CompileUnit: id = {0x00000000}, file = "/Users/lameyl01/tmp/Main/MagicFramework/Spells.swift", language = "swift"
       Function: id = {0x100000038}, name = "(extension in MagicFramework):Swift.String.castSpell() -> Swift.String", mangled = "$sSS14MagicFrameworkE9castSpellSSyF", range = [0x000000010033fab0-0x000000010033fb21)
       FuncType: id = {0x100000038}, byte-size = 8, decl = Spells.swift:12, compiler_type = "() -> ()"
         Blocks: id = {0x100000038}, range = [0x10033fab0-0x10033fb21)
      LineEntry: [0x000000010033fab0-0x000000010033fabf): /Users/lameyl01/tmp/Main/MagicFramework/Spells.swift:12
         Symbol: id = {0x00000005}, range = [0x000000010033fab0-0x000000010033fb21), name="(extension in MagicFramework):Swift.String.castSpell() -> Swift.String", mangled="$sSS14MagicFrameworkE9castSpellSSyF"
       Variable: id = {0x100000055}, name = "self", type = "Swift.String", location = DW_OP_fbreg(-16), decl = Spells.swift:12

So that means that lldb has found exactly one match: The extension in the MagicFramework library. So there is no reason why this should be ambiguous.

For the sake of completeness I also checked the type of the variable spell as llbd sees it:

(lldb) frame variable spell
(String) spell = "this is magic"

So to summarize: lldb knows the type is String. It knows that there is a function castSpell defined in the extension and it knows of exactly one implementation of said function. But still it shows the error message.

So unless I'm missing something essential here, this must be a lldb bug.