Why is windows 10 always asking for administrator permission to move files?

All folders on the C drive, with exception of your own users folder and any folder you make yourself, will have higher security settings applied to them.

As such, you will always need administrative permissions to copy or move files, because upon creating the new files, their security permissions are adjusted to those that are below.

If you have a D: (or other storage location) present, note that this limitation does not apply for that drive.

If you do not want this UAC prompt to appear for a specific folder, right click that folder, go to properties, security, and give the users group modify rights.

It is possible to do this on C:\ and make it prolongate through almost your entire harddrive and all other folders, including c:\program files will now work as you want. Keep in mind, that by changing this on a global scale instead of only the folder you want, the chance of spyware, in particular ransomware, causing much more havoc than normally is big.

Although the folders C:\ProgramData, C:\Program Files, C:\Windows, C:\Users and maybe some others are not set to inherit permissions from their parent, changing the C:\ folder security settings, may change these folders too, which could break your windows.

Also keep in mind, that changing permissions inside the C:\Windows folder is never a good idea. Although the special folders are well protected and you need to take ownership, some rely on exclusive rights and will break, such as the C:\Windows\CSC folder, which holds the offline files for your network.

You really don't want to do this on a global scale unless you know exactly what you are doing.

You should be able to accomplish this by disabling UAC notifications.

  1. Open Control Panel and make your way to User Accounts and Family Safety\User Accounts (You could also open the start menu and type "UAC")
  2. From here you should just drag the slider to the bottom to disable it.

enter image description here

Note: This is usually not recommended because new software can make changes without prompting for permission first.