How to show date with clock when Windows 7 taskbar is vertical?

On my widescreen system (Windows 7, 1440 x 900 resolution, small icons), I have both the date and the time:

alt text

It may be a resolution problem perhaps? Or, your taskbar is too thin to allow for both? Try looking in the Taskbar Properties...

I'm going to accept studiohack's answer since it is basically right. However, there's a little more information so i'll post it here.

It does appear to be resolution dependent. I had the "Appearance and Personalization" / "Display" setting set to Medium - 125% (default).

Changing that to Smaller - 100% fixes the problem and as a bonus it throws the day of the week in there too, but makes things very very small.

alt text

So, what to do? Well, back at the Medium 125% setting, i changed the short date format to M/d/yy and it's pretty close to what i want.

alt text

So, thanks for the suggestions. Got me pretty close. Any other thoughts on tweaking the date display here would be appreciated.

Try going to Taskbar Properties, click Customize and select Restore default icon behaviors. The date should be displayed by default, no matter what part of the screen you select for your taskbar. I just tried every possible combination and I always get the date right below the clock.

As studiohack suggested, It might be a resolution problem, could you post your default screen resolution?